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    This category contains our comprehensive range of Glide and Slide Sheets which have been designed for the easy, safe transfer or repositioning of users and
    PHA recommends that you seek accredited manual handling training to ensure carers correctly utilise slide sheets when repositioning patients. Slide Sheets are
    28 Sep 2017 Sliding sheets are one of the most commonly used types of manual handling equipment in the healthcare and aged care industry.
    Sliding patients up the bed is one of the most common patient-handling manoeuvres that nurses undertake.
    18 Nov 2015
    17 Feb 2011
    The Bed Slide Sheet is an essential manual handling product. The slippery material can used in a number of ways to help move patients in bed.
    Slide sheets are designed to assist in the transfer of patients from one surface to At Aidacare, we provide a selection of slide sheets to make manual handling
    Due to the complex moving and handling risks, before using a slide sheet(s), a complete assessment by an appropriately qualified person should be carried out.To prevent risk of injury to workers or clients during this manual task: a. Operation. Assist client to roll to side. One worker on each side of bed, unless Roll slide sheet up at one side of the folded sheet, not at the ‚open‘ or ‚folded‘ ends First worker places rolled slide sheet along the back of client, making sure the „rolled


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