Breast augmentation with Light implants

Lighter implants mean that after breast augmentation surgery the breast drops significantly less and thus the result remains longer beautiful.

The weight reduction is by achieved by special microspheres, which are incorporated into the gel filling. These microspheres reduce the weight compared to conventional implants.
B-Lite implants have up to 30% less weight and thereby relieve skin and breast tissue.

This means that an implant with 322 g, with the new technology, weighs only 238 g.

Vergleich Leicht Brust Implantat

The development of B-lite is based on decades of insights gained from NASA space research for obtaining equal volume but lighter products.

Via personal contacts it is possible for us to be the first in Austria to offer the new implants – as of August 2016.

For whom B-Lite implants are particularly suited and detailed information about breast augmentation with the new B-Lite implants can be found on our specially designed website:

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