Tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS)

Tarsal tunnel syndrome at the foot corresponds to the carpal tunnel syndrome on the hand. The affected nerve is the tibial nerve; the compression point is below the inner ankle. The diagnosis is clinically and electrophysiologically almost always easy to make.

The treatment is the same as for carpal tunnel syndrome: cut through a thick band, which compresses and covers the nerve. Important aspects in tarsal tunnel syndrome are: the wound bed and the surroundings have a far worse blood supply than at the hand, therfore even in moderate cases operational measures to prevent fresh scarring of the nerve should be considered. These include enveloping of the nerve in a soft tissue (periosteum), or the enlargement of the integument (to avoid wound closure under tension, the diameter is expanded by introducing a split skin at the surgical site by 1-2 cm). Physical therapy after surgery is particularly important.

The health insurance companies cover the cost of the operation.

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