After a breast augmentation with autologous fat , there are no long-term complications, no incompatibilities, no pain, no capsular contracture, no lumps, no loss of sensitivity of the nipples, no change in shape of the breast, no slippage of implants, no leakage of silicone, no silicone bleeding, no Staphylococcus epidermidis, no Rippling, no bursting of implants, no double – bubble – deformity , no snoopy breast, no 4 cm long scar.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat examples

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Breast augmentation with autologous fat is virtually painless, there are no scars and the sensitivity of the nipple is preserved. The chest reacts with every body movement and position and feels – as well as a non-operated breast – perfectly natural.

The outcome of a breast enlargement using autologous fat transplantation is permanent. Only with massive weight loss would the breast enlargement with autologous fat breast decreased.

Many women suffer from unequal breasts or shape asymmetries. After a breast augmentation it can also occur that previously existing minor differences are exacerbated. Through the introduction of autologous fat, the breasts can be gently balanced.

This technique allows achieving a beautiful, symmetrical result.

Combined technology for uniform sized breasts

Existing shape asymmetries and unequal breasts can be gently and effectively corrected by additional autologous fat transplantation during a breast augmentation: After insertion of implants a small amount of fat is removed from the abdomen or thighs with a delicate needle and low vacuum, carefully cleaned and processed. After that it will be reintroduced in the chest over the implant, anywhere it seems necessary. Thus, for example, visible edges at the décolleté or in the axillary region can be hidden or previously existing uneven breast proportions balanced. In this way, the result of breast augmentation can be naturally optimized and a particularly attractive, shapely end result can be achieved.

An additional benefit for patients: The autologous fat needed for shape optimization is taken from areas where it is not necessary. For example a small stomach becomes even smaller, which is usually welcomed by patients.

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