Trigger Finger

Tendon entrapment as in “Trigger Finger” occurs relatively frequently. It is caused by overuse, chronic inflammation or is simply due to one’s constitution.

The tendons of the hand and foot run in tendon sheaths, which are surrounded by a lubricating membrane called the synovium which allows the tendons to glide better. Tendons are often exposed to very high repetitive use so mother nature has created so-called “ring bands”: strong, ring-shaped bands which hold down the tendons along their course at several points on the bone in order not to let it protrude (similar to the small metal rings along a rod). These pulleys have a certain diameter, and when thickened when the tendons are moving (inflammation, overuse, etc.), there is tendon congestion syndrome. The tendon slips then very difficultly (painful) and can even get stuck. If the person concerned tries to force against this resistance, the finger then “jumps”, which gave this disease its name (“jumping-finger” or “trigger finger”).

The treatment is almost always easy and fast to implement, the corresponding ring band is exposed and divided. In severe cases, a partial removal may be necessary.

The health insurance companies cover the cost of the operation.

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